boringNone of us look forward to taking tests or final exams but there are some tips and tricks that can make studying easier and maybe even a little bit fun!

Here are some tips that will help you do great on any test!

1)  Reward yourself with a treat!  When you finish a section or chapter, eat something sweet that you like.  Do NOT try this with shots or liquor of any kind.  The idea is to keep the information in your head and not black out and lose it all.

2)  Cram effectively by reading upside down:  If you have left studying until the last minute, read upside down and aloud.  As in, turn the paper upside down, not your body!  It may seem slow but it’s time efficient.  You will focus more on what you are actually reading/saying.  It’s better than mindlessly staring at your books and repeating yourself quickly.

3)  Use all of your senses while studying:  Engage as many senses as you are able while studying.  Touch the paper you are reading or writing on, smell peppermint (known for keeping you alert and helping you retain information), read your notes out loud, write the notes in different colors.  The goal here is to engage as many senses as you can so that the information has the best chance of sticking with you.

4)  Laugh now so that you don’t cry later:  Crying when you laugh is due to built up tension and emotion hiding somewhere inside of you.  Laughing releases that tension.  With so much stress looming over getting a good grade on your finals, it’s important to take a laughing break.  Try watching something funny on YouTube.

5)  Find a partner to study with:  Finding a classmate to study with and agreeing to the following policy that if you don’t understand something you will ask your partner, will enable you to get through all of the material faster.  This also forces you to verbally communicate what you are studying to someone else in a way that they will understand it.  Have them repeat their understanding of it after you explain it to them and talk about it until you both have the information down solid.

6)  Wear a watch:  Even if you don’t normally wear a watch, take one with you to the final.  It’s unlikely that the teacher will allow you to check your cell phone for the time during the final or other exam.

7)  Teach to a class of stuffed animals:  Get some stuffed animals…a few or a dozen.  Then arrange them sitting up on your bed looking at you and teach them the material you are studying.  Teach a few lessons to your stuffed menagerie and then snuggle in with them and get some sleep before the test.

8)  Use whiteboards to your advantage:  A lot of dorm lounges have huge whiteboards or you could buy one.  On the days leading up to the exam, spend time writing your notes on the whiteboard.  Algebra II?  Write the formulas down that you have to memorize.  Physics?  Write them definitions and formula.  Chemistry?  Draw the mechanisms.  Works great every single time!

9)  Drink lots of  water and eat fruit:  Instead of energy drinks, drink lots of water and maybe a bit of coffee to stay awake.  This will help you stay hydrated and maintain a high level of cognitive function and energy.  Eating fruit will help reduce the amount of toxins in your bloodstream and improve memory function.

10)  Create as many mental associations with the material as you can:  Relate things you learn to what you know.  If its not relatable, make it up.  This is a powerful trick.  It is really useful for vocabulary memorization.  For instance, you learned that ‘rojo’ is Spanish for red.  Draw a connection between them.  They both start with R.  They both are short words.  Imagine something red labeled ‘rojo’ in your mind.