Top 9 Reasons to Get an In-Home Tutor This Summer    

Summer is the perfect time to catch up. Now, that’s a hard sell to a student who just completed a year of sitting in class, but it’s true. Let’s put it this way, when the Anaheim Ducks, sadly, got eliminated from the playoffs this year, do you think they thought, “well at least we have the next few months to relax.” Odd are, they couldn’t wait to get back in the gym to get better, faster, and stronger.

Like a professional athlete, students may use the summer months as a time for regrouping and improving. Classes are only going to get harder, so if they did poorly in math the past year, they MUST catch up.

That being said, we still want students to have fun. That’s why our in-home tutors work around their schedule – and yours. We know how busy you parents are – which makes in=home tutoring so much more attractive.  Below are ten reasons your student needs a private summer tutor.

There is Time to Focus on Just One Subject 

Most students have a subject they are not quite as good at. This is very normal but can be frustrating during the year because 1 hour’s worth of homework can easily turn into 2 or 3 as they start to fall behind and grades sink as they get deeper and deeper into a course they don’t understand (like math). Summer is an ideal time to focus on certain topics and concepts that take a bit more time as well as stay sharp for the beginning of the next school year.

Your Teen is Taking the SAT or ACT in the Fall

Many students take the SAT and or ACT in the fall or early winter. The summer months are a great time to focus on test preparation. Studying for a standardized exam is very different from studying English and math content in the classroom. There are so many tips and tricks to learn that use a different part of the brain. Tackling test prep and a full school day is possible, but students often learn test prep skills quicker, and with less stress, if they start over the summer. In other words, students will be thanking themselves come winter when they aren’t cramming for BOTH finals and the SAT or ACT.

You Can Stay in the Comfort of Your own Home

Parents  are very, very busy these days and taking your kid to an actual class can be difficult or impossible to fit into a tight schedule. Your kids might have the summer off but you don’t. Why not make it easier on yourself and have someone come to your home and work around your schedule?  Students often feel more relaxed and open to learning if they are in the comfort of their own home and not made to feel stupid by other kids in the classroom or learning center with them.

You or Your Kid are Concerned About Graduating on Time

Whether a student is in high school or college, it is getting harder to graduate on time. The thought of having to finish summer school after everyone else has walked the graduation line can be devastating for a student and can prevent immediate entrance to college. For college students it is often taking 5 years to complete a 4 year degree. Having a tutor help with summer school classes can really help students get things done on time.

Your Child’s Study Skills Need Improvement

Our at-home academic tutors often get asked to help students with study skills and organization. This is a great thing, but can be harder to tackle during the school year when students also need to work on academic content.  Students can learn organizational skills and study techniques much more easily over the summer with only one or two subjects to work on. And, if all goes well, your student will carry these organizational skills into the new school year. How great is that?

You (or your child’s teacher) Have Noticed Some Behavioral Issues

Many children-most in fact- will experience behavioral issues to some extent during childhood or adolescence. Kids often demonstrate this by refusing to do homework or not paying attention in class (excessive goofing off, etc.).  Having a private tutor over the summer can help in two ways: the student can start to view learning as a positive experience and it can help them get caught up, or even get ahead, with those academics that they missed out on the previous year.

You Child or Teen is Suffering from Stress

More and more middle and high school students are suffering from school related stress issues. SAT/ACT, AP exams, the college entrance process and just everyday homework can make it hard to get through the year. Having an in-home tutor over the summer can help because they can work on the subject or subjects that provide the most stress. They can also help with time management and set academic priorities during a time of year when stress is lower for students.

Private Tutoring Prevents Distractions From Other Kids

Classrooms are great for learning socialization, but other children can also be a distraction. Many kids just want to play outside during the summer (which is understandable) but, if your child really needs to concentrate and learn, having other kids around can be a huge distraction. Private tutoring creates an environment of focus and hard-work without the stress of a classroom. Our tutors are empathetic to the draw of summer fun. That’s why we do our best to make learning a fun experience over the summer especially.

Private Tutors Can Help Improve Confidence

Students often hesitate to raise their hand in class or read aloud because they don’t feel confident about their abilities. Let’s put it this way, it’s difficult to ask for help when the help you need was a week ago. We understand; struggling is a natural part of learning. A lot of this stems from the fact students learn differently.

Trust us, it’s a lot easier for a struggling student to ask questions to a private tutor than it is to a teacher in front of the whole class. This is a sad truth, since asking questions is necessary for learning.  Bottom line: your student will hit the ground running come fall as a result of their new found confidence.

Regardless of your reasons for considering a private tutor for the summer, maintaining high educational standards in July and August is an important part of your child’s overall education. I can say this based on experience, and I’m sure our other tutors can too, you will be in a much better position to excel in the school year if you take summer learning seriously.