Organization Tips for SchoolI am the Queen of Organization. Both my middle child and I suffer from a bit of OCD. I am the one that watches the Hoarder shows with my mouth open in disbelief that anyone could live that way!

School is starting now and the paperwork is going to start piling up along with juggling schedules for your children with their sports, music lessons, tutor sessions, etc. Here are some tips to stay on top of it and NOT end up getting buried in a mountain made up of paper.

1) When school papers come home, have all your kids put them in a designated place for you. The kitchen table was always a good place in our household. There was no possible way I could miss things there. If they take them to their room, you may never see them and you could miss important functions or not sign something that needed to be signed, etc.

2) Set up a filing system for the papers that need to be saved. The important papers that just could NOT be lost, I stored in 3 individual files for my 3 children. For the papers, tests, and rest of it I had 3 storage boxes in the garage that ALL their papers for the year went into so that if they ever had to look something up or find something they needed, they were there. I just dropped them right in on top of the last stack.

3) Have special colored folders for any other types of after-school activities such as for Tutoring, Religious Ed class, Piano, AYSO, etc.

4) Have a ‘FAMILY CALENDAR’ in the kitchen. Everyone can write down upcoming activities as well as check for the scheduling of activities, appointments and social get-togethers.

5) When the homework is completed, have the kids put ALL of their stuff in their backpack and put it by the front door. If anything extra is needed for school, such as a box of kleenex for the classroom, put that either in the backpack or by the front door as well. I ‘trained’ my children to do that and they usually didn’t forget anything important that they needed for school the next day.

Feeling organized and in control is a GREAT way to start the new school year!