Addicted to your Iphone? or Ipad?When I was growing up the thought of carrying around a phone for my personal use was not even on the radar. But for the past twenty years or so, we have seen the iPhones, iPads, iTouch, Garmins as well as any other number of electronics come out and be embraced by most of the population on the planet.
These are great tools that we all enjoy using and they do, many times, make our lives easier and offers us the ability to get things done in a more timely manner. This next generation, which for many of us are our children, are not only tech-savvy but they are tech-dependent. Gen Y’ers have grown up with most of the electronics that we now take for granted and don’t remember it any other way. But are we using them to make our lives easier or have we become enslaved by them?
I was at the car wash this morning waiting in line to pay while a man gossiped on his phone with his Aunt Hilda. (Yes, I know all of this because I could hear his end of the conversation!) Dude, the lady taking your money and all the people in line DO NOT care about all this gossip and don’t want to hear it. On top of that you are being very impolite to the cashier. Wouldn’t it be nice to give her a smile and say ‘Good Morning’ and then ‘Thank You’ instead of talking nonsense with Aunt Hilda? And the people behind you in line would like you to handle the transaction at hand and be done with it rather than fumbling for your wallet and having to ask the cashier twice about everything because you are fumbling around with your phone.
I consider myself an outgoing person and I like to say ‘Hello’ to people I walk past out in the public. But people are so glued to their phones these days even to the point of walking or bumping into you while they are looking down at their phone texting. Because you can’t make eye contact with them, there is really no reason to say “Hello’ to them.
Is our civilization coming to a point where the electronics that are supposed to make our lives easier actually become our en-slavers? I don’t feel a need to bring my phone into the gym, or when I run into the market or the bank or the post office. Unless, you are the President or a doctor on call, you may want to rethink the way you use your devices rather than blindly be enslaved by them and annoy the public around you that isn’t.