How Important Is Reading?

How Important Is Reading? If you are able to read, you probably think that reading is very important.  There are others who seem to be wondering how vital reading is in our modern society.  Let’s take a look at that  →

Tips for Test Taking

Tips for Test Taking Studying and doing homework is obviously important for getting good grades on tests. Taking exams is important so that your grades and progress can be determined. The first criterion for exam success is to stay current with all  →

Is Summer Tutoring Important?

Is Summer Tutoring Important? Who doesn’t love summer?  Beach time, pool time along with relaxation and vacations are the norm.  It can also be an important time to keep children’s minds active and constantly learning.  Tutoring is an excellent means  →

Is Homework Time Crazy at your House?

Is Homework Time Crazy at your House? School has started and the darlings are coming home with homework already!  In a lot of homes (mine was NO exception) children cry, parents mutter four-letter words and the dog runs and hides.   →

How Parents Can Help Their Children Learn

How Parents Can Help Their Children Learn Every parent wants to help their children learn new things.  Here are some tips on how to do that! Set aside time daily for reading with your child with each of you taking  →

3 Simple Tips for Organization of This School Year

3 Simple Tips for Organization of This School Year The beginning of the school year can be a stressful time for both parents and students. Between back-to-school shopping and adapting to new schedules, it’s easy to feel like you are  →

7 Tips for Learning to Read

7 Tips for Learning to Read Hooray! Your child can sing the alphabet like a pro! Now what? Once your child has mastered letter recognition, what can you do to help her get on the path to literacy? Here are  →

Benefits of Allowing Your High School Student to Sleep In

Maybe high school students have the right idea by sleeping in. Recent research from a February 2014 study by the University of Minnesota’s Center for Applied Research and Educational Improvement details the benefits for high school students whose classes begin  →

Starting College Can be a Family Experience

Going off to college is a new beginning for parents as well as students.  For students, independence and the real world are looming.  For parents, it signals that they need to start getting comfortable with their child growing up and  →

Do You Need Help Motivating Your Son?

For every mom that has boys…this is a must read.  I had 1 girl and then 2 boys followed.  Boy were they different, even as babies!  Boys and girls are not the same people and each requires different things in  →
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