autism-awarenessSince I own an  in-home tutoring business, I meet a lot of different families and lot of different children/students.  We do a lot of tutoring for children with all kinds of learning disabilities.  One that we run into quite frequently is Autism/Asperger’s.  In working with these diffent types of disabilities that these kids have, I have run across resources that could greatly help them, namely The Amen Clinic in Newport Beach, CA.  They work on correcting issues with the brain and many times a lot of these disabilities are linked to that.  My middle child has ADHD and went from nearly flunking out of math with F’s in college to getting A’s once his treatment for this brain issue had been completed.  Neurofeedback is getting a lot of attention these days for all kinds of brain healing.

Check out The Amen Clinic here regarding Autism Spectrum Disorders.  You can read about research here from the independent ScienceDaily that backs up this form of treatment.

Another avenue that seems to help Autism/Asperger’s is diet and nutrition.  There is a  great Functional Medicine Dr. here in Orange County that provides that very same help and works with many of those patients now.  You can read about Dr. Koren Barrett here.