Does your dinner table look like this?  Everyone gathered at the dining table together for dinner?  Perhaps having a lively discussion of the day’s events or what is happening in the news?  Probably not if you are like most families these days!  But perhaps you should think about putting more effort and energy into making that very thing happen!  Current research supports the idea that the amount of mealtime children spend with their families at home was the single strongest predictor of high academic achievement scores.

But everything in our current society makes this mealtime event harder and harder to attain.  Both parents working full-time, tons of homework that kids getting home from sports or other activities still have to get done, texting, facebooking and you name it can interfere with dinnertime serenity.

What are some practical tips for achieving this?  One might be having a fully stocked kitchen with ready to go meals or with items that can easily be whipped into meals, takeout and different eating times on different nights based upon everyone’s schedule.  There is no rule that dinner has to happen at the same time every night.  Going out to eat after a game/practice is a good option because then everyone is there by default.  How do you make a mealtime together happen?