schoolstopsforsummerbutlearningnevershould Don’t Lose Skills in the Summer!

Summer is here!  Summer learning should be scheduled into your summer plans.  Studies have shown that summers with no academic components can lead to significant learning loss.  Summer learning loss can be prevented by planning some of the following activities:

Math Skills:  A little daily math practice is a great way to keep your child from falling behind in math this summer.  You can use homework/tests from the last school year to review and better retain the information already learned.  Workbooks for the type of math your student will be starting in the following year are helpful additions.  Flash cards for early math (addition/subtraction) along with time tables is vital to know in the first few grades.  There are also a variety of website available for math practice as well.

Daily Reading Time Most students have to read 20 minutes a night during the school year.  Why not just keep that going by continuing the 20 or even 30 minutes a day of reading into the summer?  Lots of free time to go to the library for reading events as well a for browsing book selections.  Let your student keep a reading log and reward them when they reach certain milestones such as a toy or special time with mom or dad.  If your child struggles with reading, perhaps a reading tutor is necessary over the summer to catch them up to their reading grade level.

Enhance your Reading Strategies:  A great time to sharpen your reading skills is during the summer.  Reading isn’t only about reading the words but also the visualization, making notes and asking questions before, during and after reading and more.  Does your student actively read?

Creative Writing Skills:  Along with reading, writing will be required of students throughout their school and adult lives.  Creative writing is an excellent way to improve your writing skills, enhance your critical thinking and foster your creativity as well as imagination.  One way to enhance your child’s writing skills is to start a blog or journal over the summertime.  Who knows, you may have a future Stephen King on your hands!