Homework Contract


Student Name: _____________________________________________

Date: ____________________________

I understand that it is important to write down my homework assignments because: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

I understand that it is important to bring home all materials I will need to complete my assignments because: _________________________________________________________________________________

It is important to schedule regular time to complete my assignments each day because: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

I have arranged to do my homework in a quiet place which is located: ________________________________

It is important to budget enough time to complete all homework assignments because: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

I am proud of my homework when I: _________________________________________________________________

When I turn in my completed homework on time I feel: ______________________________________________

I feel it is important to proof-read my homework because: ____________________________________________

I have a special place to put my completed homework so I won’t forget to take it to school. It is located: ________________________________________________________________________________________________

On days when I have specific homework assignments, I will use my regularly scheduled time for homework to: __________________________________________________________________________________________


___________________________________________   Student Signature

——————————————————————–    Parent Signature