The Importance of Reading

How Important Is Reading?

If you are able to read, you probably think that reading is very important.  There are others who seem to be wondering how vital reading is in our modern society.  Let’s take a look at that question as it pertains to the different stages of our lives.

Stage one is birth through grade one.  80% of our attitudes, values, loyalties and fears are developed in this stage and so it is a very important time.  It is also the time that we learn the most such as primary relationships, eating, walking, language (kids say the darndest things!) as well as hundreds of other things they need to know for life.  So, because a person’s mind is so open to learning at this time, they should be taught to read.  Most children between the ages of 4 and 7 can learn to read very well and so they should be entering school knowing HOW to read.

The second stage is learning academic subjects in school that are taught from grades 2 – 6.  By the 3rd grade, attention is switched from learning how to read to other subjects.  If a student is struggling at this point, they will be left behind or put in a special education class when the real problem is that they just haven’t been taught how to read.  During this stage, the student should be mastering grammar, math and all the other foundational subjects that are taught in those grades.

The third stage is grades 7 – 12.  Students are introduced to more abstract concepts in their studies.  Again, if they have not mastered reading and the concrete math facts by this time they will likely struggle in all their subjects.

The fourth stage is completing school.  They can then apply all they have learned so far to further education or to life management skills.  Lack of reading skills here can hinder employment, gaining new knowledge, relationships and the pure pleasure of reading.

Reading is sooooo important and no one is too old to learn.  Even if you are in the 4th stage of your life, you can learn to read.  If you have children over 4 years old teach them to read.  Certainly, if your children are in school and struggling with reading, get them help.  The ability to read is the foundation on which all other subjects are based.  After grade 3 they will become more and more lost academically if they can’t read.  The importance of reading cannot be emphasized enough!