How Parents Can Help Their Children Learn

Every parent wants to help their children learn new things.  Here are some tips on how to do that!

  • Set aside time daily for reading with your child with each of you taking turns reading aloud and guessing what will come next.
  • Play games with your children that involve math problems that you can solve together.  Set up a pretend grocery store at home with your canned goods and dry goods with prices marked.  After “purchasing” what you need, change can be counted back to you as well.
  • Outings to museums, parks, zoos, etc. are great places for children to see and hear new things.  Fun facts can be obtained and vocabulary worked on.
  • Don’t forget about our local libraries.  Books about sports and animals are usually great topics to choose from for children.  If you limit the amount of time of their TV watching, kids will usually read more.
  • Most parents ask their children how school was when they get home.  If your kids are anything like my children, they usually say a very vague “Fine”.  So, I usually try follow-up questions such as:  “What was the best thing about your day and what was the worst thing about your day?”  That or something else like it that is open-ended can usually spark up a conversation.

Children look to us as an example and for guidance.  Demonstrate that you think reading, math, science and other school subjects are important and your child will think so also.  If you are not the best at these subjects, trying to help them shows them that you care.  Your children will appreciate the interest you are showing and the time you take to focus on him or her.

And good luck to all of us parents out there!