Is Summer Tutoring Important?

Who doesn’t love summer?  Beach time, pool time along with relaxation and vacations are the norm.  It can also be an important time to keep children’s minds active and constantly learning.  Tutoring is an excellent means to make sure that your child’s mind stays active and engaged during the summer.  Studies have shown that students lose an average of 2 – 3 months of learning loss during the summer.  If your child finished the school year behind his/her classmates then the gap will become even wider over the few months they are out of school.  So, what are the benefits of summer tutoring?

The first benefit would be to broaden the passion a child already has.  Perhaps your child is very interested in art, writing or photography.  Summer enrichment for a subject that your child is interested in shows your support and willingness to listen to your child.  During the school year there doesn’t seem to be enough time to explore some of these other subjects or passions.  We want our children to continuously be learning and the summertime is great for that.

Another benefit for summer tutoring is to get a jump on a subject for the following year.  Learning a foreign language or pre-algebra before you actually take the course can give a student the confidence and a definite advantage for the upcoming school year.

If a child struggled with a particular subject during the last school year, the summer is a great time to review that subject especially if it is like math which builds upon itself.  Maybe your child knows their time tables but is not strong with word problems?  Tutoring during the summer would be a great time to build up these skills.  Their confidence will soar for the upcoming year along with their motivation!

Giving your child the gift of tutoring over the summer will give you peace of mind that the next school year will go smoothly and your child the excitement that they are off to a head start and will do well!