disorganizedOne of the biggest keys to success in school is ORGANIZATION!  Why?  Organized students are in control of their learning experience.  They efficiently keep track of homework assignments, notes and their books.  They are good at scheduling and budgeting their time.  In doing this, they are able to meet deadlines, complete projects and thus earn better grades.

Some students, however, lack the basic organizational skills needed for school.  Their backpacks are a mess, they can’t find anything in their lockers and they distinctly have issues with getting in homework done, studying for tests and getting in projects on time.

If you can help your child to become better at organizing, you can help your student to master important skills that he will not only use in school but in life as well.

Tips to help them get organized:

  • Make sure that your child has sufficient school supplies at all times.
  • Buying colored notebooks/folders/binders will help them keep their subjects separated.
  • Show your child that each piece of paper should be filed in the appropriate folder or binder.
  • Make sure that your student has a school planner so that they can write down their homework each day along with any important dates like tests and projects.

Of course, the aim of all of this is for your student to learn to organize his or her school-work and time.  If you do all the organizational skills FOR your student, they will not learn how to do it themselves.

If your child spends an excessive amount of time on homework or run out of time to do their homework, think about what the root cause might be.  Do they need to be better organized?  Are the extracurricular commitments taking up too much time that it is interfering with school?  Does your child need help with one of their school subjects?  Perhaps a tutor from Aim High Tutors would be the answer to that if you live in South Orange County.

Be patient.  Change takes time and if you maintain a positive attitude towards school and school-work, you child will feel more confident and enthusiastic as well.