Jane Saeman, Owner of Aim High TutorsJane Saeman started Aim High Tutors in 2005 with a singular mission:  help students achieve educational success, while making the process easy on their families.  Having raised three children of her own as a single mother, she saw firsthand how competitive it was becoming to get children into colleges these days and the stress associated with ensuring their educational success.  Grades, grades and again…grades during the high school years were becoming increasingly more important.  And, of course, to get into a great college-prep high school, you had to do well enough in grade school to pass their admission test.  And, none of this is possible if you didn’t grasp fundamental reading and math concepts in the early schooling years.

Jane determined that the best way for students to get and keep good grades was to have one-on-one tutoring in the comfort of their own home.  In this environment, students receive undivided attention in a learning-conducive environment versus the noise and distractions associated with most learning centers.  Jane also experienced firsthand the hectic pace of chauffeuring three children to and from school, onto sports’ practices, music lessons, etc. and decided that moms/dads simply needed a break.  In-home tutoring is the most effective type of tutoring and the cost is typically the same, if not less, that centers.

Jane Saeman has lived in Laguna Niguel for over 25 years and has three grown children.  Being an entrepreneur has been one of Jane’s greatest passions and she finds helping the hundreds of South Orange County families she has worked with to be just PLAIN FUN!

In-home tutoring the path to better grades
Studying with a private teacher means better focus.


September 6, 2007

There’s an advantage to having a student tutored in the home. Convenience for the student and the parent, and gas savings, too. Also, the parent is present on a one-on-one situation and can see how the tutor interacts with the student. Children who like their tutors and relate well to them are able to achieve more, proponents say.
This is what Jane Saeman offers to students who need a little more help than they can get in class:

Q. Can your tutors teach any subject?
A. We can tutor all subjects from kindergarten through grade 12. Occasionally we can take on college students with certain subjects and can help with reading readiness with Pre-k also.

Q. Are you limited to certain subjects, or can students be tutored clear through high school?
A. We can tutor all subjects including foreign languages all the way through high school.

Q. When did you set up this business?
A. We have been in business for over three years now.

Q. What has been the hardest thing about setting up your business?
A. I have owned a business before and knew how to do it. What surprised me was the demand for our services. I had no idea it would be this great.

Q. Do you advertise or do people find you through their friends and associates?
A. I do no formal advertising anymore other than the yellow page directories.
My Web site brings in a large amount of business. I have many returning clients for the next school year after summer is over, and most of my business comes in now from referrals.

Q. How many tutors do you have working for you?
A. I have 20 to 40 tutors working for me at any one time.

Q. Are they qualified in certain areas, like math, science, foreign languages or social studies?
A. The qualifications to tutor with my company consist of either being a credentialed teacher or having had two years experience of tutoring one-on-one on that particular subject matter for at least two years previously.
Many of my tutors in especially the math and sciences are in college and very knowledgeable about the subjects and newest findings.

Q. How long does a typical tutoring session take?
A. We tutor in increments of one hour. Most students get tutored for one or two hours at a time and up to several times per week.

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