There’s a lot of change that happens as you go back to school.   It’s easy to get overwhelmed and spazzed out with all the new demands. Stress is not pretty though.   Stress can cause headaches, mood swings, anxiety, stomach pains, insomnia, and even make you break out. Here are some pointers on how to reduce the feelings and effects of stress as you’re going back to school.

Nix Procrastination: It sounds novel, but not waiting till the last minute to do something will dramatically relieve the stress of critical deadlines!

Eat Well:   You’ve heard it a thousand times before.   Eating a healthy, well balanced diet will keep you resilient against the tolls of stress. So do yourself a favor and eat something green for a change.   And most of all, don’t forget the cure-all of health; drink plenty of water!

Be Active: You don’t have to subject yourself to rigorous training.   There are easy ways to be active.   Just a quick walk around your neighborhood will help clear your head, get some endorphins pumping, and refresh and energize you.

Get a Hobby:   Join a table tennis team.   Learn to play the accordion. Knit a sweater.   Whatever it is that makes you happy, do it. Hobbies are the perfect miniature getaways from the stresses of life.

Just Breathe:   Sometimes it helps to just take a break from a stressful situation, and take a few seconds to breathe deeply.   Try stretching as well.   These are proven relaxation methods that will help you loosen up when under duress.