Ahhh…..the dog days of summer are here and I can so remember my kids moping around the house saying “I’m bored”.  So what do you do with them in addition to the beach, poo, etc?  Here are some ideas for you and it’s also a chance for you to creat great memories and bonds with them!

1. Play outside. Playing in an organized sport of some type helps fight obesity as it also encourages listening, sharing and respect.

2. Get puzzled. Playing games such as Scrabble or Sudoku encourage thinking and problem-solving.

3. Collect. Collecting something, such as stamps or coins, can inspire learning and encourage research.

4. Start a journal or scrapbook. These activities encourage organization, writing and creativity.

5. Make daily plans. When children participate in planning the day’s events, they learn responsibility and how to meet deadlines.

6. Go grocery shopping. Adding up the bill in advance can help children develop math skills. Doing comparison shopping together helps with decision-making skills as well as budgeting.

7. Cook. When students work with ingredients, they practice math and reading skills, cooking also encourage self-sufficiency.

8. Read. Parents should read with their children to keep them learning and discovering through words.

9. Create a job. Doing jobs such as baby-sitting or pet-sitting can help children learn about specific duties and finances.

10. Volunteer. Helping with a charitable organization or giving assistance to an elderly neighbor can teach children about sacrifice and responsibility.

Places to visit over the summer:

Discovery Science Center, Santa Ana

Orange County Marine Institute, Dana Point

Museum of Tolerance, Los Angeles

County of Library Programs