Generic-HansHi, I am Professor Puppet and I wanted to tell you what Aim High Tutors can do for you!

We have a group of tutors (a network if you will) of tutors, teachers, and educators that we match up with students who need one-on-one, private in-home tutoring.  We tutor all grades and subjects K – 12 grades.  We will work with students who are learning-challenged, we work with homeschool programs as well as students in independent study programs.

We also work with some college students or adults who may be going back to school and may need some brushup help with Algebra or English or whatever they need.

Most of our students are K – 12 however, and we always come out to your home for a consultation first.  That way we can find out all about them and that will enable us to match them up with a tutor that they will work well with.  We ask your child questions about themselves and their study habits, their grades, what learning style they have and most importantly, we get a feel for their personality.

With that information, we are able to match the perfect tutor with them.  We have a track record of 98% success in matching students up with a tutor.  We always call after the first session to see how the it went and if you are not happy, we won’t charge you for that session and will start over again with a different tutor.

We tutor them in their problem subjects, along with study skills, time management skills and organizational skills because we feel that they are so important and this will help them do well in school overall.

We charge an hourly rate, the consultation is free and we have been in business for over 7 years now.  We invite you to check out our website… and then call or email us so that we can set up a consultation time to meet and talk with your student to find the best tutor that’s going to work well with them!