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Have you forgotten that math you learned in school so that you can’t help your child?

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We provide individualized math tutoring programs for all levels. Younger math students often have trouble advancing from basic math to more complex math computations. Our math tutors in the South Orange County area can help them through one-on-one tutoring in ways that stimulate their curiosity giving lessons that are more conducive to learning.

For more advanced math students, we have math tutors with advanced mathematics degrees that will provide instruction in higher level math for all subjects including Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Calculus.

Aim High Tutors offers private math tutoring in South Orange County for the math classes listed below:

Grade One
Grade Two
Grade Three
Grade Four
Grade Five
Grade Six
Grade Seven


Algebra 2
Mathematical Analysis
Linear Algebra


Aim High Tutors specializes in math tutoring and exam preparation for students taking the mathematics portions of the California High School Exit Exam and SAT as well as ACT. Get study guides designed to help with the exam preparation.

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