About Our Tutors:

Each of our personal at home tutors has a minimum of two years experience teaching and/or tutoring one-on-one.  Private tutors work on academic achievement as well as attitudes toward learning and work with the different learning styles.

First and foremost, Aim High Tutors does NOT  follow the money, like some of the larger national chains do.  Having done some mystery shopping and careful listening to our clients, I have discovered that these larger tutoring companies often want a lot of $$$  (many thousands upfront or in a contract). One California tutoring company wanted one of my clients to sign up for 150 hours of SAT tutoring for her high school daughter, sight unseen. That bill amounted to almost $6,500.

Instead, we key in on the student.  We like this approach a lot better and so do our clients!

A good tutor is a good tutor regardless of the subject being taught. You want a tutor that can connect with your child – his/her personality, learning style and needs. You want someone that can guide and mentor your child to build knowledge, skills and abilities. You shouldn’t have to have your child take hours upon hours of tests to define where the difficulties lie.  A good tutor will be able to pick up on these through a review of student tests and homework, looking at their grades online, discussions with the student, and a careful assessment of watching the student do his/her work at the tutoring session.

We also pride ourselves in not just being a homework helper. We work to ensure that the student understands key concepts. Then we work with the student so they can do their own homework problems. This applies to classroom, online and even test preparation work.

Some of our tutors are certified teachers. But just having a teaching degree doesn’t mean one is a good teacher/tutor. The key is not how one teaches in a larger setting but how effective they are one-on-one. This is because when it comes to tutoring, you want your child to receive individualized attention.

This is where you want the tutor to connect with your child at several levels. Your child needs to view the tutor as being present to really help.  Capturing your child’s confidence, learning about your child (even beyond the subject matter being addressed) and demonstrating the ability to explain complex subjects easily (at the student’s level) is paramount.

You’ll know quickly if your child is paired with a good tutor. They might smile, eagerly look forward to attending the tutoring session, or simply like their schoolwork a lot more than before and there is NO yelling involved!

For example, one parent recently shared that our tutoring completely transformed her daughter’s outlook on learning. In another case, the tutee started her first tutoring session close to tears; she left smiling. Mom was amazed at the transformation.

But, recognize, the learning curve varies by grade level, the child himself/herself and other factors. Typically high school and college students produce the fastest turnaround. Younger learners take longer to internalize concepts, operations and other parts of a subject.

The bottom line is that once you have a good tutor, keep him/her. With connectivity in place, learning often follows fairly quickly and steadily.

For your convenience, there are several ways you can contact us.
First, just pick up the telephone and call us at (949) 249-2130.
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