How a Chemistry Tutor Can Help Your Child

Sometimes learning can be hard for any child in a classroom of thirty or more students, especiallythe subject of chemistry. One problem in particular is the lack of one-on-one time with the teacher.  It is very hard for an everyday school  →

How a Math Tutor Can Help Your Child/Student

A math tutor is one of the most commonly hired types of tutors there is.  If your child isn’t excited about needing tutoring, he or she is not alone.  Many children are uncomfortable with the idea at first, but then  →

Looking for a Tutor?

Hi, I am Professor Puppet and I wanted to tell you what Aim High Tutors can do for you! We have a group of tutors (a network if you will) of tutors, teachers, and educators that we match up with  →

Letting Go Can be Difficult!

Letting go of a friend, family member (especially a child) or someone in the workplace can be a very difficult thing to do but important for our mental and physical well-being if they are weighing on us too much.  I  →

Working with Your Child’s Rhythm

When it comes to school work, finding the rhythm that works with your children is a key component to success. Whether your focus is homeschooling or homework, a predictable routine gives children a sense of assurance and helps them to  →

Does Your Dinner Table Look Like This?

Does your dinner table look like this?  Everyone gathered at the dining table together for dinner?  Perhaps having a lively discussion of the day’s events or what is happening in the news?  Probably not if you are like most families  →
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