Times When a Man Would be Handy…

This morning my toilet ran over and started pouring out over my tile bathroom floor.  As I was frantically trying to shut off the water before my whole house was flooded with gross, toilet water I started thinking that this  →

Is Your Student Organized?

One of the biggest keys to success in school is ORGANIZATION!  Why?  Organized students are in control of their learning experience.  They efficiently keep track of homework assignments, notes and their books.  They are good at scheduling and budgeting their  →

Do Teachers Have a Secret Language?

Public school teachers and many private and preschool teachers are forbidden from coming right out and telling a parent that they think a child may have a medical or developmental delay or disorder.  Even those with a teaching credential and  →

Common Core State Standards

This year “Back to School” means that new curriculum be introduced in order to meet the new nationwide Common Core State Standards (CCSS). While 41 states adopted CCSS in 2010 and implemented it in the 11/12 school year, California’s full  →

Additional Considerations When Looking at Colleges

Consider this….many students have been absolutely extraordinary in their high school and within their respective communities.  How will you feel when you get to college and discover that you are no longer extraordinary but very, very, ordinary?  You see, when  →

Aim High Tutors Can Help Your Student!

Check out our latest video!  How Aim High Tutors Can Help Your Student    →

Can a Calculus Tutor Help Your Student?

When your child is struggling with more advanced mathematics courses like calculus, it can be frustrating for everyone.  With the help of personalized tutoring, getting back on track and staying there is possible for even the most disheartened student.  If  →

How an English Tutor Can Help Your Child

Tutoring is an essential tool for your loved one whether they are struggling or not.  English, punctuation and sentence structure are extremely difficult for some people to figure out but very important to know.  An English tutor can help your child  →

How a Physics Tutor Can Help Your Student

A child’s school performance is sometimes, well usually, not the highest priority in their life.  Most of the time they cannot realize how important doing well in school truly affects the rest of their future.  One of the most challenging  →

How to Build Kids with Character

Who doesn’t want their child to have traits such as self-control, kindness, patience and gentleness?  Sometimes instilling these characters is difficult in our children.  Here are some specifics to help you: 1)  KINDNESS:  We all want our children to grow  →
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