TV Rules that Might Be Good for Your Kids

TV Rules that Might Be Good for Your Kids Do you ever worry about what your kids are watching on TV?  Is TV the dominant social presence in your home?  Do your kids scream and cry when you try to  →

The Importance of Good Grades in High School

What is the importance of good grades in High School?  You might be surprised! 1)  Creates a number of college opportunities:  Colleges typically focus on students who have a GPA of 2.0 or higher. 2)  Get Scholarships:  The higher the  →

Can You Motivate Your Child?

Can You Motivate Your Child? If I could bottle and sell MOTIVATION, I would be a millionaire!  No, make that a billionaire!  Probably 50% of the students we tutor have problems with being self-motivated and the parents look to me for  →

Do You Want Good Grades in High School? Here’s How….

Do You Want Good Grades in High School? Here’s How…. The transition to high school causes academic havoc for many students.  It’s hard to adapt to a new environment and get good grades when you’re given more independence in your assignments  →

Do Boys and Girls Learn That Differently?

Do Boys and Girls Learn That Differently? We’ve all heard the famous line: men are from Mars, women are from Venus, but when it comes to children in school are the girls’ and boys’ brains really wired so differently that they appear  →

Have You Told Your Kids That You are Proud of Them Lately?

Have You Told Your Kids That You are Proud of Them Lately? Have you ever noticed when your child’s teacher says something nice about them or praises them that your kid perks up?  They try their hardest not to show  →

Tips for Test Taking

Tips for Test Taking Studying and doing homework is obviously important for getting good grades on tests. Taking exams is important so that your grades and progress can be determined. The first criterion for exam success is to stay current with all  →

Learn, Understand and Get That Info into Long Term Memory

Learning, understanding, and memorizing are all related but distinctly different tasks. Many students say they perform better when they study at the last minute because they can memorize the information just long enough to recite it on the test. However,  →

10 Tips and Tricks for Studying

None of us look forward to taking tests or final exams but there are some tips and tricks that can make studying easier and maybe even a little bit fun! Here are some tips that will help you do great  →

Do You Know About the Concept of “Overlearning?”

  To overlearn is “to continue studying or practicing (something) after initial proficiency has been achieved so as to reinforce or ingrain the learned material or skill,” according to the Dictionary. For many students and parents as well, it’s difficult  →
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