How a Chemistry Tutor Can Help Your Child

Sometimes learning can be hard for any child in a classroom of thirty or more students, especiallythe subject of chemistry. One problem in particular is the lack of one-on-one time with the teacher.  It is very hard for an everyday school  →

Can a Biology Tutor Help Your Child?

High school biology can be a tough subject for any student.  Balancing academics with after-school activities and college looming in the not-so-distant future can easily become overwhelming.  Falling behind or struggling in classes can result from all of this stress but  →

How a Reading Tutor Can Help Your Child/Student

The need for tutoring in general is quite common, and the specific need for a reading tutor is certainly no exception to that. However, some children are still embarrassed that they need a tutor, and in-home tutoring can help them  →

Tips for Applying to College by an Admissions Officer

Applying for College Tips Applying to college can sometimes feel like the game of roulette.   There is no way to know which way the dice will fall….will you or won’t you get into the school of your choice?   Seniors going through the application process  →

Just. Chill. Out.

There’s a lot of change that happens as you go back to school.   It’s easy to get overwhelmed and spazzed out with all the new demands. Stress is not pretty though.   Stress can cause headaches, mood swings, anxiety, stomach pains,  →

Do Your Kids Bug You Until they Get What they Want?

Don’t Cave into Them!!!   Sometimes there are things in life we’re just not prepared for…like when you’re sitting at the table with your very well-behaved straight-A almost 7-year old having a snack, and she hits you with, “Mom, can we  →

Parents: While We Are Busy Caring for Others, Let’s Not Forget to Be Kind to Ourselves

A rested parent is a good parent Most of us give generously of our time and energy to CHILDREN, spouses,  family members, friends, and co-workers — and often ignore our own needs.  It may not be until we become physically or mentally exhausted, or financially depleted, that  →

Tutoring in Orange County

It is no longer a secret or a surprise that private tutoring can help a student immensely.  Whether a child is in the third grade or heading to high school, the benefits that private (one-on-one) tutoring has is unparalleled and irrespective of  →

Do Your Kids Like to Eat “Good for You” Vegetables?

Foods to eat to stay healthy and learn better We all know that veggies are important for us to eat on a daily basis.  But the trick seems getting our children to eat them when they are on their dinner plates.  I am a firm believer that CHEESE makes  →
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