Does Your Teen Get Enough Sleep?

DOES YOUR TEEN GET ENOUGH SLEEP? Your teen is probably not getting as much sleep as you did at the same age.  You wonder why?  Probably because of technology and our smartphones. Current studies have found that adolescents get less  →

What Are the Top Factors in College Admissions?

What Are the Top Factors in College Admissions? We all have children that want to go to college OR we wish we had children that wanted to go to college and so here it is!  The lowdown on what admission  →

Help Your Child Understand What Their Talents Are

Help Your Child Understand What Their Talents Are Everyone of us has strengths and weaknesses.  When did you start to realize what yours were?  The earlier we come to understand ourselves, the more satisfied and productive we can become.  Here  →

Do You Need Help Motivating Your Son?

For every mom that has boys…this is a must read.  I had 1 girl and then 2 boys followed.  Boy were they different, even as babies!  Boys and girls are not the same people and each requires different things in  →

Do you Know What Social Media Sites Your Child is Using These Days?

We all know the biggies…Facebook, Instagram…Twitter,  but what about Snapchat or There are new social media sites popping up regularly and as soon as parents uncover them, teens are seeking new ways to communicate.  The problem is not that  →

How to Get Your Kids to Talk to You

An open and honest continuing dialogue with our children is crucial for parental success.   When walls are created and information stunted, we are not able to forecast trouble looming on the horizon.   Lack of proper communication also stymies solid bonding  →

Just. Chill. Out.

There’s a lot of change that happens as you go back to school.   It’s easy to get overwhelmed and spazzed out with all the new demands. Stress is not pretty though.   Stress can cause headaches, mood swings, anxiety, stomach pains,  →

Violence in Teen Dating

Adolescence is a time when teens are beginning to learn how to build relationships with friends, family and dating partners. What they learn and experience during this time may determine how they perceive relationships for the rest of their lives.  →

No, My Children Don’t Listen to Me Either!

Parenting tips with homework image About 40% of our tutoring business is basically what we term “Homework Help” and it is all because the preteens and teens don’t want to take direction from their parents. You shouldn’t feel bad about yourself as a parent if  →

How to Parent Successful Teens

Ah…the fun of having a teenager.  I did try to one time to return my teen to the hospital he was born in and (surprise, surprise) they did NOT want him back! Here are some parenting ideas for bringing out  →
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