Have You Told Your Kids That You are Proud of Them Lately?

Have You Told Your Kids That You are Proud of Them Lately? Have you ever noticed when your child’s teacher says something nice about them or praises them that your kid perks up?  They try their hardest not to show  →

What Are the Top Factors in College Admissions?

What Are the Top Factors in College Admissions? We all have children that want to go to college OR we wish we had children that wanted to go to college and so here it is!  The lowdown on what admission  →

Help Your Child Understand What Their Talents Are

Help Your Child Understand What Their Talents Are Everyone of us has strengths and weaknesses.  When did you start to realize what yours were?  The earlier we come to understand ourselves, the more satisfied and productive we can become.  Here  →

Is Summer Tutoring Important?

Is Summer Tutoring Important? Who doesn’t love summer?  Beach time, pool time along with relaxation and vacations are the norm.  It can also be an important time to keep children’s minds active and constantly learning.  Tutoring is an excellent means  →

Starting College Can be a Family Experience

Going off to college is a new beginning for parents as well as students.  For students, independence and the real world are looming.  For parents, it signals that they need to start getting comfortable with their child growing up and  →

Do You Need Help Motivating Your Son?

For every mom that has boys…this is a must read.  I had 1 girl and then 2 boys followed.  Boy were they different, even as babies!  Boys and girls are not the same people and each requires different things in  →

Do you Know What Social Media Sites Your Child is Using These Days?

We all know the biggies…Facebook, Instagram…Twitter,  but what about Snapchat or Ask.fm? There are new social media sites popping up regularly and as soon as parents uncover them, teens are seeking new ways to communicate.  The problem is not that  →

Six Steps to Help Your Student from Feeling Overwhelmed

One of clear signals of being overwhelmed or stressed is forgetfulness. We tend to forget basic items when our minds are preoccupied with data, angst or expectations. Historically, research has equated forgetfulness with old age. In fact, when someone forgets  →

Additional Considerations When Looking at Colleges

Consider this….many students have been absolutely extraordinary in their high school and within their respective communities.  How will you feel when you get to college and discover that you are no longer extraordinary but very, very, ordinary?  You see, when  →

How to Be the Perfect Mom!

Definition of Perfect:  1)  Being entirely without fault or defect : flawless  and 2) satisfying all requirements.  Flawless?  Really?  That word should NOT be on a mom’s to-do list.  Being a parent is more about flexibility, spontaneity, caring, multi-tasking and sometimes  →
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