California High School Exit Exam Preparation

The primary purpose of the California High School Exit Examination (CAHSEE) is to improve students achievement in public high schools and to ensure that students who graduate from public high schools can demonstrate grade level competency in reading, writing, and mathematics.

The exit exam helps identify students who are not developing skills that are essential for life after high school and encourages districts to give these students the attention and resources needed to help them achieve these skills during their high school years. All California public school students must pass the California High School Exit Exam.

The CAHSEE has two parts: English-language arts (ELA) and Mathematics. The ELA part addresses state content standards through grade ten. The test assesses students in reading, this includes vocabulary, decoding, comprehension, and analysis ofinformation and literary texts. In writing, this covers writing strategies, applications, and the conventions of English.

The mathematics part of the exit exam addresses state standards in grades six and seven and Algebra I. The exit exam includes statistics, data analysis and probability, number sense, measurement and geometry, mathematical reasoning, and algebra. Students are also asked to demonstrate a strong foundation in computation and arithmetic, including working with decimals, fractions, and percentages.

Orange County California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) Results for 2006-2007

From analyzing the failure rate of students taking the CAHSEE it is clear that students are not being properly prepared. The CAHSEE should be taken very seriously by parents and students because if the test is not passed, the student will not receive a diploma.

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