Tips for Effective Study Skills

Good study skills are necessary for success in a learning environment.  It is important to learn study skills early so that you can do well in school.  There are many effective study skills that have been proven to help students perform better; one of the good study habits that many people typically do not consider is getting enough rest.   Making sure to get enough sleep for several nights leading up to an exam is crucial for success.

A personal skills tutor will be able to provide study skills training for your student.  When trying to learn study skills, study training is helpful.  One of the best study tips is to use visual cues.  Flash cards, pinning a map in your room, or listing dates that need to be memorized throughout the house so that you see them constantly are study techniques that can be used regularly.

Developing good study skills early will lead to success later in life as these study habits can be translated into everyday life skills.

Developing Good Study Skills

Ten Top Effective Study Skills

If you are going to take the time and effort to study for your tests and finals, you had might as well make the most of it and use your time wisely!  Here are ten good study skills to help you maximize your results.

1.  Get Enough Sleep

The first of the good study habits is to make sure that you get enough sleep not just the night before the test for but for several nights leading up to it.  You need to have your brain well rested and ready for the testing day ahead of you.  Part of this tip involves eating a healthy breakfast with some protein and not being hungry during the test so that you are not distracted and all of your thinking is not channeled toward what your next meal is going to be.

2.  Visual Cues

One of the most effective study skills to develop is to make visual cues for your test, i.e. flashcards, pinning up maps, math problems, dates you need to memorize up in your room so that you see it consistently for a couple of days before your test which helps create a visual in your brain.  Don’t think that flashcards or this type of learning is just for little kids.  Big kids can benefit from this process as well.  Have your sibling, friend or parent or skills tutor, quiz you on the subject matter for a few days leading up to the test to guarantee that you will be able to retrieve that information more easily when you need to during the test.

3.  Organization

When you are trying to learn study skills, organization is important.   There are some subjects we like and those we dislike.  Study for awhile on the subjects you don’t like first so that when you get tired of studying at least you are studying something you enjoy.

4.  Noise

I personally work better with the radio on playing music.  Others like it quiet.  When it comes to effective study skills, whatever your personal preference is what you should do.

5.  Turn Off Devices

When developing good study habits, make sure you spend a solid amount of time just studying.  You can schedule a break every 50 minutes or so to get a snack or look at your Facebook and answer your texts.  Just make sure that when those 10 minutes or assigned time is up, it’s time to get back to work with everything off again!

6.  Eat Clean

When you are going through study skills training it is important to eat healthyOur brains function much better with optimum nutrition and limited caffeine.

7.  Group Study

Studying with others is great and usually very productive as you can help each other.  But if you are more about goofing off and wasting time, reserve that person as a friend and NOT a study partner.  Choose a skills tutor that will help you and not hinder you.

8.  Stagger Your Study Time

Good study skills will require you to stagger your studying so that you are not always cramming the books the night before.  An extra thirty minutes on a subject each night is better than 2 straight hours of trying to study all at once the night before the test.

9.  Will Power

Sometimes, you just have to sit down and get it done!  Think of the Nike logo — Just Do It!

10.  Relax

If you learn these study skills and have developed good study habits, you will be prepared for the upcoming test you should have no problem and the more you can relax so that you can easily recall the information.

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