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Does your child struggle with schoolwork and feel like they are just falling behind everyone else? Is there a specific subject that your child needs help with? Students struggle all the time with schoolwork and they often just let the problems slide without seeking out the help they need. One way you can reduce the problems your child has with their school work is to get a qualified tutor to help them reach their academic goals.

Private Tutors

Aim High Tutors is here to help you with all your tutoring needs.  We feature affordable one-on-one tutoring so you always get that personalized help your child requires. We can provide one-on-one tutoring help right in your home so your child can study in comfort. We tutor all grades and subject matter and we can teach children as well as high school students. We don’t feature any testing fees and there are no long-term contracts for you to commit to.  All you need to put in is at least 1 hour per week into your studies. We can tutor privately or publicly with home-schooling or independent studies are also available.

Professional Tutors

We feature professional dedicated at home tutors who will work with you to ensure your success or that of your child. Our private tutors have a minimum of two years with teaching students or tutoring on a one-on one basis. We help students get a more positive outlook on learning as well as help them achieve academic success. We use various learning styles to accomplish this. We want to give the student confidence and help promote positive self-esteem so they are successful in school and reach new heights. Our private tutors will work to find out what motivates the student and help them achieve their best. The tutors help your student be organized also which can help them.

Learn At Home

We can tutor students in the comfort of their own home in their familiar surroundings. Our tutors will come to your home and work on your schedule. The students can ask question and they won’t feel the pressure they get from other students who might hold them back from asking those important questions. Our tutors can come at any day of the week to suit your individual needs.

Our Tutors Use Your School Curriculum

Our private tutors will test from your school curriculum and use their textbooks, homework assignments, worksheets, projects and other materials to teach them with. The tutors can help the student with special projects they need to get done and we specialize with homework help.

In-Home Tutoring Consultation

Contact Aim High Tutors and we will come to your home to meet with you and your child to discuss your individual tutoring needs. We will assess their personality, academic requirements as well as their learning style. We provide suggestions as to how many hours per week that might be required for tutoring and we feel that the face-to-face meeting with our clients is essential and invaluable for us to find the right tutors for you and your child’s needs.

For your convenience, there are several ways you can contact us.
First, just pick up the telephone and call us at (949) 249-2130.
Second, you can send an email, simply click here and create your message.

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