tvTV Rules that Might Be Good for Your Kids

Do you ever worry about what your kids are watching on TV?  Is TV the dominant social presence in your home?  Do your kids scream and cry when you try to limit their time in front of the boob tube?  It might be time to introduce some rules that are straight forward and fair.  TV should not be raising our children.  WE SHOULD BE!

  1.  TV is a privilege and not a right of birth.  Parents have 100% say over what it turned on at all times.
  2. TV’s natural setting is OFF!  This idea is apparently a novel one.  TV’s as constant background noise and background audio/visual equipment sound is not only distracting but also anti-social.  If you are not actively watching the TV, turn it off!
  3. Parental modeling must be consistent with the general household.  Children do not learn from what we say, but what we do.
  4. Turn the television off when company enters the house.  People and conversation are more important than anything on TV unless they are coming over for the Big Game, etc.
  5. TV in the bedroom?  “How can I stop my 10 year old from watching South Park late at night?”  Well, it’s not going to be such an issue when there’s no TV in his/her room.  It is not a right, but a privilege.
  6. TV is always off during mealtimes!  Mealtimes are sometimes the only chance we have to talk to our kids and so let’s use it!  TV can suck the life and social skills right out of a room!
  7. Stupid and mind-numbing can be as harmful as immoral and violent.  Standards must be consistent.  Make decisions about programming based on content and not just on ratings.
  8. TV is more fun when it is not overused.  Moderation turns out to be the opposite of killjoy.  What you don’t have all the time, you enjoy more.
  9. TV must take its place among a variety of family activities.  Think of TV of just one piece in the entertainment puzzle.  Family games, outings, reading time, projects, sports, etc. are all worthy of our family’s time.