The weekend (away from school homework) is a great time catch up on things that may be falling by the wayside during the busy week.  Here are some ideas:

  1.  Begin to prep for midterms (or finals)
  2.  Learn 10 new words – build your erudite vocabulary
  3.  Catch up on on any missing/late work.  Don’t lose points if you don’t need to!
  4.  Organize your notebooks and/or papers.  Don’t forget your backpack.
  5.  Seniors – finish up any loose ends for college admissions.
  6.  Juniors – SAT/ACT test prep – Set aside a block fo time to complete a practice test.
  7.  READ.  Pick a book that you haven’t had time to get to and read it.
  8.  Work ahead.  Get a start on projects/reports that are coming up.
  9.  Keep your mind stimulated by doing a crossword puzzle or sudoko every day.

We as parents can also join in on some of these to keep us sharp!  Because we will need it for their teenage years!