Work with Your Child to Create a Victory Plan for the

Upcoming School Year

Back to school time is breathing down our necks! What do you think of when you hear “back to school?” I think of new teachers, new classmates, new expectations and new adventures and homework. Every school year brings excitement, some anxiety and hope; hope that the new school year brings positive and exciting learning experiences for our children.

Parents have the ability to set the tone in the home for a successful school year. We will encounter obstacles throughout the school year that will shake our focus, but if we establish strategies for our children early on, the school year should sail along smoothly with few bumps!

Here are 5 strategies to help you create successful back to school plan:

#1 Create a User-Friendly Homework Zone:  A productive homework zone will go a long way to creating homework success.  Set up a homework zone that is organized,  well lit and quiet.  An area that is away from high traffic and distractions will keep your child focused while during homework. Consider keeping an abundance of school supplies available as well.  Maintaining a homework zone filled with school supplies will reduce the stress of the last minute search of school supplies or delay of homework.

#2 Set Goals & Expectations:  Work together with your child to set goals and expectations for this school year. Make sure the goals created are simple, clear and realistic for your child. Once your goals are set, post them in an area so they are visible and a constant reminder for your child. After the first few weeks of school, take another look at the goals that were set.  Are they working? Are they too easy or too difficult? Be ready to adjust them or add to them. This will keep your child focused and closer to their goals!

#3 Create an After-School Routine:  Establish an after-school routine for your child.  Give them a small break after school doing something that they enjoy.   Going outside and blowing off energy is a  good idea at this point. A snack after school is always a good idea as they are probably starving when they get home from school.  That brain needs fuel!

#4  Develop Organizational Systems:  Establishing organizational systems is the key to success and to minimize chaos. There are many ways to staying organized. Use a calendar system, filing system, white boards, folders, colored markers, etc.   The key to organization is repeated practice and consistency using a system that both of you understand.

#5 Foster a Positive Learning Environment:  Be uplifting with your child, but not artificially so. Praise their efforts when they try. Teach them accountability and independence. This positive learning environment helps build self-confidence and motivation.

Transitioning back to school can be an exciting time with minimal stress if you are prepared. Be sure to implement the strategies that work best for you and your family.

Good luck in the upcoming school year and know that we are here for you!